Suavinex Evolution Soother 6-18 Mth Anatomical Twin Pack - Rose et Bleu (Design 2)

RM 34.00
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- BPA Free
- Contains 2 pcs Anatomical teat
- Rose et Bleu (Blue Toys) collection
- Resistance to biting, puncture and tearing
- Suitable for 6-18 month baby

Rose et blue - blue toys

BPA Free

Why BPA-FREE is so important? How BPA toxic harm us?
- BPA give negative effects to babies
- BPA can do unexpected damage to your teeth
- BPA exposure during early life may influence birth weight, hormonal development, behavior and cancer risk in later life
- BPA may raise your risk of obesity
- BPA exposure has been linked to heart disease and diabetes
- BPA May Cause Infertility in Men and Women

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