Doomoo Softy Fruit Taupe (Pre-order)

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doomoo softy is a multi-functional cushion ideal for both mother and baby.

  • Wrapped round the adult’s waist, it is ideal for breast and bottle feeding.
  • The baby can lie or sit on it in total comfort, according to the age.

This cushion will help the mother and the baby to relax, to feel at ease and to experience a real sense of well-being.


  • Machine washable at 30°C.
  • Do not tumble dry.

The doomoo softy is a long life product – Refills are available

After a certain time of use it is possible, and absolutely normal, that the microballs inside the doomoo softy give signs of flattening. For that reason refills of 20 litres of polystyrene microballs are available on special order to your retailer. The refilling of the doomoo softy can be done easily after unzipping the zip located on the under cover.


  • Cover: 95% cotton & 5% elastane
  • Interior cover: 92% polyester & 8% elastane
  • Filling: Micro balls of expanded polystyrene

doomoo softy is wrapped in a plastic bag as soon as it is manufactured. It is therefore possible that certain odours emanating from the different materials used will be evident on opening. Once the doomoo softy is placed in a well-ventilated room any odour should quickly disappear.

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