Shamrock Baby Bottle Warmer Pouch For Avent Feeding Bottle 260ml / 9oz (Single Pack) (Loose)

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This is an exclusive product From Shamrock Baby

Shamrock Baby Bottle Warmer Pouch designed to fit any Philips Avent 260ml (9oz) bottle

Material : Green Neoprene with Scuba Diving material.
Size: 7cm X 7cm X 12cm (fit all Philips Avent 260ml / 9oz wide-neck bottle)

Features :
- Shamrock Baby bottle warmer pouch comes with 4.5mm Neoprene for better thermal insulation, compared to the normal 3mm insulated material by other brand in the market.
- Prevent bottle body that is made from plastic or glass to be broken.
- Milk stored in the bottle will need one hour to change from 44 degrees to 35 degree under the normal room temperature. This means the milk can stay fresh and warm in a longer period.
- Prevent the bottle from scratches.
- Bottom stitching design, rather than the kind of glue fit design, the recycle scuba diving material make this product more environmental-friendly.
- Soft and comfortable to baby's touch, it makes the feeding process easier and more convenient.
- Made from safe material, the product has passed international product safety tests.
- Available in Red, Sky Blue, Orange, Apple Green, and Dark Pink

** This item comes in loose (no box) **

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