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SNUGG Diaper Clutch - Sunday Morning

RM 85.00

SNUGG Diaper Clutch

You’ve heard of diaper bags, diaper change kits, but what is a SNUGG DIAPER CLUTCH? It’s a combination of a clutch AND a diaper change kit which is available in many cute and pretty colors and not just in that boring navy blue that you see everywhere everyday! It’s lightweight and very portable with pockets that’s just enough to suit you and your baby’s diaper changing needs.


  • PUL* waterproof lining – for easy cleaning in case either one of you made a mess. oops!
  • Hang it and flaunt it – easy snap velcro handle enables you to effortlessly secure the clutch to the handle of your stroller and because of its pretty design, it will complement your hundreds of dollars buggy. Now you also have the option to use designer fabric.
  • Toy ring – now you won’t forgot to carry around little toys. simply attach one of your little one’s favorite and you’ll always have a distraction handy. Our personal favorite is a bunch of keys.
  • A single hand operable – unstrap-unroll-change diaper-roll-strap, when you’re struggling with a squirming/ squealing toddler, you tend to appreciate little things.
  • Soft padding – no changing room within reach? With the soft padding, changing on a hard surface will be easy on the little one.. especially the very little ones.
  • Lightweight and compact – Will fit in any medium sized handbags and you no longer need to rummage through your bag to find wipes or bum cream as everything can fit in the pockets. Opens up to a changing mat that’s wide enough to accommodate a full grown toddler.
  • Custom designs can be requested.
  • Makes a great baby shower and aqiqah gift.